Documentary Series


The current situation in Catalonia raises a necessary question: Is this an isolated case or is the Union only witnessing the birth of the first cracks? The reality is that most European countries deal with the desire for self-determination of one or more of their regions. 

Every few months, we know of a new request for a referendum or a vote asking for more self-determination, as was recently the case in northern Italy. And all these steps, with more or less support, with greater or lesser state incidence, walk towards a map of Europe that could be very different from the one we know.

Project Info

The idea behind the project is to create an audiovisual map of nationalism in Europe. Almost all the States of the continent are home to one or several regionalist movements, that over time can rearrange the geopolitical space.

Name: Beyond Catalonia, Challenges of Identity in Europe

Completion: Spring, 2019

Project Type: Documentary series

Length: 12 episodes of 20 minutes

Project Development

  • 100% Filming
  • 90% Editing
  • 20% Distribution

We filmed in 12 regions of Europe – Lapland, Latgale, Faroe Islands, Basque Country, Veneto, Corsica, Silesia, Republika Srpska, Székely Land, Flanders, Brittany, and Scotland.

The shooting is finished and we are just about to export. We have put a tremendous amount of work into the project covering this underreported subject as thoroughly as possible, speaking with high ranking officials and decision makers as well as with “ordinary” people. 

We created unique mosaic that invites the viewer to explore some of the most remote regions of Europe.

Our work is almost over. Now we are looking for publishers.

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