Amazon is on fire and world looks towards it with uncertain concern. What changes await us if the forest is significantly damaged? What can be done about it? Can even something be done? The Amazon is a graphic illustration of the fight that is going on between civilisation and nature. Here, we can find indigenous tribes that want to keep their culture and home and against them, farmers with their families that see the forest as a means of livelihood. Should the things remain the same or is the change inevitable? And in what way does the western civilisation participate in deepening the problem?

Project Info

Our goal is to make a documentary that will show you the forest and its beauty. But the sacred forest also serves as a battleground. Everyone wants it. Natives, Farmers, International companies and NGOs. So who is right? Who has the right? And what can be done to preserve the treasure? In our documentary, we will try to answer this question.

Name: Amazon in Flames

Completion: Summer, 2020

Project Type: Documentary film

Length: 1 hour 20 minutes


  • 10% Travel
  • 30% Equipment
  • 50% Production
  • 20% Distribution

Working abroad in unknown terrain is always demanding, especially when it means working in a rain forrest!

Most of the expenses of documentary work actually fall on securing the help of local people. In the unknown and possibly dangerous places, it is often necessary to move with the help of local “fixers” and their prices are quite steep. Apart from that, good equipment will be needed as not every camera can stand the challenges of the rain forrest. 

But we worked and delivered results from equally challenging places, so if you will support us, we can guarantee your help won’t be wasted!


Documentary movie


Fires are not directly caused by the climate change, although they will surely make it worse. The real cause is human intervention. Laws that allow burning of the forest and interests of global players. For example China is deeply involved in developing the region, but it’s approach is far from sustainable.

In the Amazonas we can see violent clash of the civilisation and nature that can tell us a lot about our future direction. The goal of this documentary will be to show this conflict and try to find the way that could lead forward for both sides.

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Martin Trabalík

Martin Trabalík

Director & Cameraman

Czech photographer and filmmaker based in Prague. He often works on international topics and he focuses on social and humanitarian issues. In 2018, he was awarded Czech Press Photo price in the category Problems of our age for covering Rohingya’s expulsion into Bangladesh.

Geraldine Zambrana

Geraldine Zambrana


Geraldine Zambrana Velez is a Bolivian journalist and specialist in Human Rights. She was awarded a scholarship by the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris in France. She participated in “La Guerra del Gaz” in Bolivia in 2003, the Revolution that triggered the advent of indigenous peoples.

Risks and Challenges

Are many and we keep them in mind. Martin already worked in many demanding environments and Geraldine is  native to Bolivia and partly of indigenous origin. She knows the Amazon and knows how to move there. Still, good insurance and back office team will be neccessary!


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