Imagine drowning. You desperately struggle to keep afloat, gasping for air and swinging your arms in search of a solid ground. Yet you find none. And all the time there are those people watching you. They laugh. And as you go down, the last thing you hear is the ringing of their mockery in your ears.


Drowned in Venice

Hello! We are a documentary duo working on important topics of our times. We met in the green fields of Idomeni where at the time stood the biggest refugee camp in Europe.

Soon after we started collaborating in our work, which took us to many remote areas of the world – Nagorno Karabakh, Donetsk and Bangladesh being some of them.

It happened 26th of January 2017 in one of the Venice channels. A migrant drowned while tourists laughed at him. Although it is hard to surprise us, this was too much. Western civilization is trying to hide from the world it helped to create, but we are not going just to stand by and watch.

Our documentaries aim to expand your awareness, if only by just a small margin.

we look

When Others Turn Away

We are fascinated by human stories, their resilience and their tragedy, and we find greatest beauty in the hardest conditions. Therefore, we specialize in stories about conflict and strife and portray the lives of people affected by it.

Most of our work is done from our private funds. Our work is a product of passion, not a business calculation. If you find it meaningful and would like to support it, we will be deeply grateful. It might allow us to cover another important issue.


Martin Trabalík

captures what he sees, through photos and videos



Ariadna Garcia Chas

creates the story, finds the contacts, asks the questions



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